Web Dev/Design, SEO, WordPress Specialist


I am currently taking on freelance Clients for $1,500+ jobs. Contact jeremygradisher@gmail.com. I bill at $50 per hour, I am a monster WordPress developer that is also an expert SEO.

I spend most of my time doing Tenant Criteria Manuals Here: workshop-mg.com

Are you looking for the best way to connect with your clients in today’s fast paced world? Are the traditional means of local marketing losing their luster? Do you currently have a website that is not getting enough traffic? Or is just not that user friendly? Then look no further than 231 Web Development.

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In today’s market up to 80% of your potential clients will not ever pick up a phone book to look up the services that they need. Truth is the majority of your potential clients rely solely on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to find what they need, and if you are not on the first page for every potential search string that applies to your business, you are losing money!

231 Graphics is a Muskegon, MI based Website Design and Graphics art firm focused on providing full visibility and user friendly websites that allow our clients to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to advertising and marketing. The sites we design are set-up with the latest in SEO techniques, with your users in mind, to give your customers and/or clients the best user experience possible.

Mobile Website Design Or Responsive Web Design?

In some industries, mobile users out number the traditional users. If you are a Restaurant, an outside or special event, or a business where your users could really benefit from having your site on the go, a mobile website is a must. In some industries if you are not accessible on a smart phone or tablet then you are losing money. We specialize in integration of mobile websites and mobile applications to existing builds.

We at 231 Graphics are at the forefront of Responsive Website Design. Separate mobile websites are a thing of the past. Responsive designs are websites that look good no matter what the screen size. It will look amazing on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. We are one of the only firms in Muskegon or West Michigan offering this service, and literally no one does it better!!!